The Jupiter Ace Emulator

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If you would like to contribute, it would be great to hear from you. The best place to get in touch would be via the xAce Development Google Group.

You may also find the Commit History Feed useful, particularly if you are not using Git or GitHub to manage your source.

The xAce Wiki

As mentioned above there is an xAce wiki, it is quite small at the moment but will continue to develop.  The Contributing page should be particularly helpful as well as the Todo List to see what work is intended.

What we Need

Currently the project is in need of:
  • Programmers
  • Testers
  • A web designer to improve the project page

What to do now

You can either fork the xAce repository on GitHub, or download the latest master branch source code, whichever you find more comfortable. I would however, encourage anyone interested, to take the time to give Git and GitHub a go as it makes life so much easier.


Download xAce
GitHub Repository
xAce Wiki on GitHub
xAce Development Google Group

Jupiter Ace Resource Site
Jupiter Ace on Wikipedia


22nd December 2012

xAce v0.5 released.

29th June 2010

xAce v0.4.1 released.

22nd April 2010

Development recommensed on xAce using version 0.4 as the base.