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What is xAce?

xAce is an emulator for the Jupiter Ace that runs under most flavours of Unix. It was written by Edward Patel and based on a ZX81 emulator called xz81 written by Russell Marks, which was in turn based on Ian Collier's xz80, a ZX Spectrum emulator for X.


First download and extract the source code from: GitHub.
From the root directory of the repository. Create the Makefiles:
$ cmake .

Now run 'make' from the same directory:
$ make

The binary executable will now be in src/, to install it to a sensible location such as /usr/local/bin run the following as root:
$ make install

For the moment xAce must be run from a terminal window and from the same directory in which the rom image is to be found. So from the current directory run:

Please see the README for more details.


Download xAce
GitHub Repository
xAce Wiki on GitHub
xAce Development Google Group

Jupiter Ace Resource Site
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22nd December 2012

xAce v0.5 released.

29th June 2010

xAce v0.4.1 released.

22nd April 2010

Development recommensed on xAce using version 0.4 as the base.